1. keggerjones's Avatar
    none of the buttons work on my BB except when I move the scroll wheel up or down and then I only get the option to unlock,emergency call or close. Nothing happens when I push wheel in to select.
    I have erased all using the JL_CMDER method describe here and reinstalled the OS to 4.2.1 downloaded from Bell site. I re installed back up and the same thing. I re did the procedure and did not install back and same thing.
    Is it toast? I have a new curve but would not mind setting up someone whit a working 8703
    03-16-09 01:10 PM
  2. Frawg's Avatar
    It sure sounds like toast to me. Through all of this, did you try a battery pull?

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    03-17-09 11:09 PM
  3. keggerjones's Avatar
    yes I did, many times. Even up dated OS and removed IT policies. Not a big deal as company supplied new phone since up grade was available but thought I could fix it and give it to someone.
    03-18-09 07:22 AM