1. DiverSpear's Avatar
    When I updated my OS to version 4.2 (Verizon) I now have emails that just vanish into thin air. It doesn't matter if I have read them or not. The indicator at the top of my screen says I have 17 unread emails but they are nowhere to be found. I've sent service books and searched everywhere on the phone and cannot find them. Any ideas?

    I don't think the new OS is worth it. It's slow and now this.
    01-27-08 09:32 AM
  2. chucky_b's Avatar
    make sure you look in the "messages" folder, and scroll through the whole list, as they may not be at the top.

    may need to "show all" from the home screen as well.
    01-27-08 10:47 AM
  3. DiverSpear's Avatar
    Tried that. My emails just completely disappeared. I've even cleared my event log thinking I might have a memory issue. All of my text messages are still there.
    01-27-08 10:57 PM