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    I have what I call the dinosaur of blackberry's. Should I be installing updates to my phone or is that done automatically through my carrier? I have noticed that my phone has slowed down quite an bit and if I "type" too fast while messenging it wont catch all of what I type.

    08-15-08 09:42 PM
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    The carrier won't update the phone for you. You can check your OS version by Options / About. The version is the third line.

    According to the Sprint OS update site, the latest Sprint OS for the 8703e is If your version is older than this, perform the Stoner Procedure in my sig to download and upgrade your OS, and continue on through the procedure to free up memory as well.

    EDIT: I see you joined in April. If you've used your phone a lot since then, or if it wasn't your first BlackBerry, you should be fine doing the upgrade. It is not hard, but it is not trivial, either. Be sure you understand the directions before you start. And don't start it when you have to leave in an hour, it takes longer than that and if you get in a hurry, you'll likely brick your phone!
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    08-15-08 09:53 PM
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    Thank you for the reply and for the suggestions and information. However, I just dont think I am technologically savy enough to preform the upgrade and fear that bricking my phone will occur even though I dont know what tha means
    08-16-08 02:06 PM
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    Bricking you phone means doing something to it that renders it useless as anything other than a doorstop, ie, a brick. Making a mistake while upgrading an OS can leave the phone without a functioning operating system, making it a brick.

    The first steps in the Stoner procedure are very simple and very safe. But you shouldn't do anything you're not comfortable with. I'm not sure what might have slowed down your phone. Have you reset it lately? Alt-R.shft-Del will reboot the phone without hurting anything or causing you to lose data. It's always a good idea to make regular backups. If you have a backup, and the soft reset doesn't seem to help, you can pull your battery with the phone on. This is a harder reset, and in very rare situations will corrupt your operating system, but it is sometimes the only solution, especially if your device is locked up, which yours does not appear to be.
    08-16-08 02:22 PM
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    I was just given an 8703e at work, not happy since I have a curve for personal use. Anyway, how do I update the OS on the 8703?
    08-18-08 11:57 PM
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    If you are already an experienced curve user, use BMcClure's "Proper Upgrade ..." thread that's linked in my sig. If you're not, you really should spend some time getting familiar with the 8703e. The time will be well worth it, and the procedure will be easier. I don't know what the currently available 8703e OS is.
    08-19-08 12:19 AM