1. gotnoteeth's Avatar
    I am surprised to see that Verizon is still selling this phone, yet the OS hasn't been updated for almost a year. What is up with that, they still make the phone but don't update it anymore?
    05-20-09 09:53 PM
  2. ircactus#CB's Avatar
    Last word on the grapevine was that they had a 4.5 build but failed it for whatever reason. It would be nice to bring this device up to at least 4.5.

    Short answer. Yes they are still selling it and no there hasn't been an update.
    No love from Big Red.
    05-21-09 12:46 AM
  3. D2G's Avatar
    The 8703e is a great durable device and performs its functions very well. Due to workplace restrictions, meaning no cell phone cameras or phones with expandable memory capabilities, the 8703e fits our security sensitive needs. We are looking to transition users to the 8830 soon, but the memory card slot causes issues with the security folks. So yes, there still are people that want this BB albeit a small section of the total market.
    05-21-09 10:49 AM