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    Hi to all.
    This is an educational thread.
    I found that some plug in power supplies even they are compatible with the 8703e they do not work.
    The symptom is simple the power plug on the display GUI is flashing every other second to indicate the charger is not working.
    I received 2 different units from different vendors and both had the same error.
    This bother me so I found my Motorola wireless earphone charger with part number model DCH3-05US-0300 and I tried it worked great in the 8703e the battery symbol was constant.
    I opened the mini usbs plugs and I found all units were wired the same way.
    I opened the defective transformer and I found they do not have full rectification bridge and they use a single diode rectification.
    I concluded that if you have the mini usb connector from the defective unit just cut it and splice any old phone charger that has 5volt output.
    I used up to 7 volt only for short time they all work and the unit is happy.
    The proper unit is 5 volts many old chargers have this voltages.
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