1. R.Burns's Avatar
    Ok I am following the posts from the sticky and cannot get DM to find the update. I am about to try it on a different PC with the intended DM version 4.3 somthing.. Anyone got any past issues like this who can post a fix?
    03-23-09 03:32 AM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    Make sure you have the exact OS for your device downloaded and installed on your pc. Go to my computer then c:/program files/common files/research in motion/app loader and scroll to the bottom and delete the vendor.xml file.
    I also recommend using desktop manager 4.6. I suppose you would want to get the one with media manager since the 8700g doesnt have an sd slot. If your not going to put media on there other than a few emailed things like ringtones and such then dont waste your time getting DM with media manager.
    03-24-09 10:12 AM