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    Hello, I'm new here as I have started using my BlackBerry 8700c again.

    I recently moved out into the country where, even though there's a small country school with a DSL shack less than 2 miles from me, the phone company seems to think I'm out of range (ie, they're too lazy to check) for DSL so I am forced to use the unlimited data + tethering plan via ATT, the only carrier with good signal. The good news is I get nearly perfect service out here so I can get 300-500ms ping and 20-25kb/s download (perfect for World of Warcraft), but the bad news is that it's only 2G EDGE and there's no 3G.

    My wife isn't computer illiterate by any means, but it sure is a pain for her to have to kick me off my computer to use the net for a few seconds to check e-mail, and it's a hassle for her to have to take the wires and install the programs so that she can use the internet on her laptop.

    I have a Netgear wireless router, and I heard there were ways to run a wireless network through a bit of finangling even if it was USB/phone tethering, but I also heard there was a way to simply make the BlackBerry broadcast a wireless signal so my wife's laptop would pick it up. This would be ideal.

    So, is any of this possible? Please and thanks!

    I had another question that kept me on the phone with ATT and RIM tech support for over 4 hours last week, as well. So annoying, it can't be that hard to answer, so I bet one of you can help. Is this phone capable of USB 2.0 transfer speeds or not? My computer is totally USB 2.0, but in the device manager it lists this device as running in 1.1 (non enhanced USB) mode. I do recall hearing and seeing things that said that the BlackBerry 8700c was 2.0, though (I think my box for the phone even said it). Is there something wrong? Or does it really only run in 1.1 but it can simply connect to a 2.0 port?

    Thanks again!
    01-14-10 10:29 PM
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    Wow no answer yet? This one must be a stumper!
    01-15-10 07:42 PM
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    Please, can't anyone help me?
    01-17-10 03:46 PM
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    Please, I've been to several other forums and no answer yet. Surely I'm not alone in this question.
    01-27-10 07:25 PM
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    ^^^ Im sure this may be very helpful to you (in some way), but it was not the answer the OP was hoping for.
    01-27-10 10:39 PM