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    My new 8700c (AT&T/Cingular), had to be replaced under warranty last spring. Not long after, in July 2007, I took the device (still under warranty) to an AT&T depot to correct a backlight problem: the backlight would fade to black after just 4 or 5 seconds. The depot guy told me that he had re-set the timeout and that would "cure" the problem. It did--for a couple of weeks. I returned to the depot in early October for another "fix", but was told that the unit was now out of warranty--the "little white square" beside the battery had turned red, showing the device had been "immersed" in water. The "immersion" took place presumably because I left the device on my bathroom shelf a handful of times while I showered, and the steam in the room had infiltrated it.

    Is this explanation a real crock, or are BBs really that sensitive to any ambient moisture?

    I still have the backlight blackout problem--and yes, it can be temporarily fixed for a week or so by changing the timeout option. Does anyone know of another, more permanent fix?
    11-09-07 02:42 PM
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    Leaving your device in the bathroom while you take a shower is a BIG NO NO! This is not just for the BlackBerry devices, but any mobilephone or electronic gadget. New phones now have that indicator that even if you return it for exchange or replacement (even though it is still under the 12 month warranty period), you won't be able to even if you claimed that it didn't get wet.

    For backlight, check your Options > Screen/Keyboard > Backlight Timeout
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