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    Hello All,

    I am a Blackberry addict, I remember laughing about the term "Crack Berry" at a previous job, but after owning an 8700 for over two-years, I can't go a day without the device.

    I purchased a "slightly-used" 8700c to replace my "heavily-used" 8700c. Both are the "Cingular" versions, they are the exact same device, inside and out.

    I purchased the device from a family member at a reasonable "family" discounted-rate, as the holidays brought this member a brand new iPhone. (Money on the fact that he is crying for a Blackberry soon enough). The device was his personal unit for a little while before he upgraded to a newer 8800.

    When I received the device I did a Full Security Wipe. Once the unit finished wiping and cleaning, I used the Device Switch manager through the Desktop software to transfer all of my applications, settings, and data to the new device. Everything went smoothly.

    The Blackberry was running OS

    I powered on the newly loaded device, entered the password, and started to play. Only moments later to find I was unable to log into "Google Chat", I was prompted with an error indicating the IT Security policy wouldn't allow me to access the software.

    I hit the web, searching and searching, finding an array of information about BES activation, Security policies, work-arounds, etc.

    Speaking to the original owner, he indicates he does remember syncing with work at one point in time, but he no longer works for the same company (so speaking to the BES owner, isn't an option).

    I came across this site: Remove Blackberry Policy (I cannot post URL's - Please Google, should be the second hit)

    I followed the directions, and found the device with no policy. Excited, I attempted Google Talk again, and was successful. In fact, every application I use was working perfectly.

    However today, I attempted to install SlackBerry (a Slacker Personal Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations application - highly recommend), the software needed a new version of the Blackberry OS. I check the ATT site again to find that they had released a new version since I setup my new device.

    As such, I upgraded to OS However, I am not having a large amount of trouble with network based applications. Google Talk, AIM, and TwitterBerry are working. But many are not.

    I am unable to use Opera, any IRC application, Beyond411, etc, etc,etc.

    I use these applications on a daily basis.

    The message for the majority of the applications is that it cannot create a tunnel, etc. However Opera Mini gives me a long "Security" based message:

    The application operette$2dhifi has attempted to open a connection to a location insdie the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT  policy.
    I checked the Security settings to find no mention of any "IT Policy". However I am unable to change any Firewall settings.

    NOTE: After the upgrade I did lose the "Internet Browser" left with only the "Cingular Browser"

    How can I ensure the policy is truly gone? How can I check to see if a policy is in place? How can I get my third-party applications working again?

    I appreciate any and all assistance.

    Justin M. Wray
    01-08-09 11:44 PM
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    Try opera options and toggle between connection types: http and socket. Does this help to get it working?
    01-09-09 04:20 AM
  3. wray.justin's Avatar
    Unfortunately - No.

    It doesn't matter if I use Socket or HTTP. It still gives me the same Policy related security message.

    In addition, notice no other third-party (non-signed) applications are working either.
    01-09-09 04:28 AM