1. jawnny cash's Avatar
    I've had a Blackberry 8700g for quite some time now and never really had a problem with it. My provider is T-Mobile. There seems to be about a 15 minute delay from when I receive e-mails to my outlook, as to when I actually receive them on my phone. I called T-Mobile before and they said it was just the blackberry e-mail server. That they only spidered every 10-15 minutes for new message. Well my girlfriend recently purchased a verizon blackberry world edition, and when she receives an e-mail to her outlook inbox she receives it on her phone almost at the same exact time. I asked the people at verizon about my e-mail delay when my girlfriend was getting her phone and they laughed at me. They said what is the point of having a blackberry if the e-mails are 15 minutes delayed. I am curious if anybody else has t-mobile and has the same delays that I experience?

    Thank you.
    05-01-08 09:37 AM
  2. enrich2u's Avatar
    One of the minor limitations of 8700 series is:
    Email limitations include problems displaying some html coded messages and pdfs, too slow email checking intervals, and lack of folder hierarchy to manage received and sent messages.
    05-01-08 10:12 AM
  3. jawnny cash's Avatar
    Wow, so its a timing issue with the e-mail interval of the device. I was about to leave t-mobile haha. Thanks for letting me know. I want to upgrade to a curve but I would hate to do that and then the 9000 come out.
    05-01-08 04:35 PM