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    First off, gotta say I'm digging this site. Tonnes of resources here!

    I dropped my 8700r onto the cold hard concrete a few weeks ago, got a real nice crack down the front of the display, (on the lens only).. Been doing some research, found (from here )cnn.cn to have great prices, and quantities in stock.... but I'm really not too particular about e-ordering... call me old fashioned, but I'd much rather pick up the parts

    Replacing the bezel / lens (or even the whole faceplate) is something I feel I am capable of, so I'm not looking for a repair necessarily, but does anyone know where in Toronto i might be able to pick up these parts? Other than this crack, the phone works flawlessly, don't really want to get a curve (I keep thumbing the side of it..wheres my scrollwheel! )

    11-08-08 01:12 AM