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    Hey guys and girls, so I am very excited since I got an older 8700 to use for the first time the other day. I currently have a brand new curve 8310, but I found the need to go back to the glory days of the transformeresque 8700. The themes were some of the most unique and creative I have ever seen. Themes such as waves(icon), smoothie(icon), overlord, and others were the main reason why I loved using the 8700. The other thing I loved was the look of blackberry messenger, the icons! The little faces were great! I then noticed that I was running an older OS and I headed over to the OS downloads for ATT. I got the latest and greatest for the 8700 and updated promptly. To my disappointment and shock, all my favorite themes were now unavailable to load, my blackberry messenger icons were now updated to the ones I am used to on my curve, and basically my 8700 now resembles my Curve in look and feel of the operating system, all that 8700 fun is now gone My question is, what was the last os release for the 8700 that still had the options to have the older appearance of bb messenger, the older themes still available for use, and overall to give me the old school feel of the 8700?

    If everything is going to look like my Curve, I might as well use it for it has GPS, Camera, Media Card, etc. The thing is, I dont want to use it all the time, I love the rugged look and feel of the 8700 and that track wheel on the side is slightly addicting

    I currently have the OS running, the latest release, which basically makes my 8700 look and work like my Curve. Not saying this is a bad thing, just that this is not what I want. ATT has two other download options for the 8700, one being and the other as far as older operating systems. I am hoping that loading one of these will bring my 8700 back to the "glory" appearance days of the original themes and what not. I remember with the older OS as well that under themes you could select "download more themes" and that is where you could find the free overlord, waves, smoothie, and other themes. That is no longer an option with the latest 8700 release.

    I know many reasons for an OS upgrade is to provide stability and add functionality, and I dont want to risk that too much for that old appearance. The 8700 is definitely my favorite blackberry to date, combination of rugged build and the appearance of the older OS made it so fun to use. I liked to call it Megatron for it reminds me of the decepticons logo

    Here is hoping someone can bring back that fun for me, crossing my fingers
    01-10-08 02:07 PM
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    so I was playing around with it some more trying to revert back to past 8700 greatness, I even installed the older operating system, but it seems once a newer one has been loaded in blackberry manager you cannot go back to an older OS? Does that seem right? Any suggestion in how to go back to a previous OS would be greatly appreciated.
    01-11-08 03:26 AM