1. Slash82's Avatar
    Hi fellows!

    I need some support.
    I have got a 8700, Application Version:, Plattform:

    But Im not very happy with this Version and want to "downgrade" it
    back to: Application Version:, Platform:;

    Is this possible?
    Has anyone a download link to this old software?

    If anyone cares, why I want to go back - I hate the new way to turn off th "Screensaver", you have to "double unlock" it!
    This really makes me nuts!

    Thanks for your help!!

    06-14-09 06:53 AM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    Icant find the exact OS you are looking for but have found that AT&T does have older versions. Here https://www.blackberry.com/Downloads...E4F82F9F00E7D4
    Just uninstall the version you have from your pc. Download and install the one you want to use. Since its not from your carrier just delete the vendor.xml file. It is located at C:/program files/common files/research in motion/app loader scroll to the bottom and right click on vendor.xml. Delete. Now start desktop manager and run applicaton loader. And of course....do a backup before you do the downgrade. For more detailed instructions take a look at the link in my signature for "proper upgrade/downgrade procedure". Hope this helps you.
    06-14-09 07:13 AM