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    My girlfriend has an 8700 with AT&T and has been experiencing problems with it. She gets email from her Lotus Notes via BES at work and also reports getting co-worker phone and email info from some directory to her device.

    1) Prior to OS-update, the device was not working reliably unless it was connected via USB to computer. Mainly when used as a phone, she would get a white screen with/without Hourglass and the call would be dropped. Then she can't get it back to the interface with any key presses.
    -When it's connected via USB, she reports full reliability: no dropped calls, or device misbehaviour

    I also performed an OS update and she has noted some new issues I want to report:

    2) Later I backed up her BB and performed an OS update, and some pieces seem to have disappeared. She had the ability to get phone and email info for co-workers (ostensibly from the corporate Notes directory), but this is not working. Also, she has said that she seems to be not getting new email to the device (seems to have stopped after update, but could've been more recent).

    Her 8700 is still experiencing this device crashing behaviour (I don't know what else to call it) when it's not connected to the PC.

    Any thoughts on resolving these two issues?

    Thanks for any help,
    11-06-08 10:38 AM
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    Can anyone post some suggestions or information on where to go for help? Any thoughts or ideas on a solution to this problem?

    11-11-08 10:26 AM
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    I would think that since her device is controlled by BES that you would have to have them update it on their end.
    11-11-08 11:55 AM