1. JM19's Avatar
    I have 3 emai accounts on my BB. My BB email, aol email, and another email account from my internet provider (optimum online).

    Last nite around 11pm I started getting emails on my BB back to back. 109 emails in total . My BB was going off like crazy for about 3 minutes. As I was going through my Messages folder, I noticed that they were all from my Optimum Online email account. I also noticed that most of the 109 emails were old emails that I had deleted, some from around last month and even november.

    I'm curious to know what could of caused this to happen? If anyone has ever had a similar incident, can you please share what caused it, or if its something to do with my BB.

    01-09-10 05:16 AM
  2. mr.hawkinberry's Avatar
    Some people talk-type differntly...it's whatever. But also if you check your e-mails from your phone and only delete them from the device and not the server as well, anytime you have to restart your device, the server will automatically re-send those e-mails back to your device.

    My recommendation, if you check your mail from (optimum online) on your blackberry more than the server itself, it's best just to delete them from both the device and the server if your going to delete them at all.
    01-11-10 05:03 AM