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    I have my old 7130c. It is my weekend phone for outdoor activities, yard work etc. I had fair share of blackberrys including pearl 8100, 8110, curve 8310 and now Torch. So i am not new to BB world. On all my non touch screens I was always using Tmobile ZEN theme with icons on the bottom. However When I dug out my 7130C and updated to i came to realize there is no Tmobile theme in the Java folder...I tried downloading few themes online with same layout and eventhough I can see theme listed I can not activate it. Then I tried to download same for BB 8100 and copied the Tmobile theme over to 7130 JAVA folder - reloaded and still same results. I can see theme listed but can not activate.
    Is there any way that I can achieve my goal?
    I know how to unlock vendor themes - otherwise I would not be able to load Tmobile theme in the first place - So unlocking the themes is not an issue... Please help

    02-18-11 04:19 PM