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    Please post ingenious ways that I can destroy my 7100i. I HATE IT!!!!!!

    The 7100i was my first BB and probably the biggest wast of money I ever encurred....it was raved on by my other nextel bb friends, but as of late....well I hate the darn thing.

    In the beginning it did what it was supposed to do, however lately I've gotten the hour glass that i truely believe sits and spins for an hour @ a time. WTF???

    Plus that and the fact that I can't seem to get the darn battery to hold a charge much past 8hrs.....god I hate it......

    So I sit here patiently waiting for the Curve to come.....

    Please tell me that the Curve is a much better investment than that POS 7100i is....

    Thank you.

    Oh and don't forget your posts on how I can destroy the stupid thing. Point awarded for the loudest way to destroy it and points awarded for the best way to get it into a trillion pieces.....
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    06-26-08 12:12 AM
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    Well, seeings how the 4th of July is coming up, you could get creative with your fireworks. Or you could just run over it with your car but that doesn't seem as entertaining.

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    06-26-08 12:21 AM
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    We have a go for PYRO!
    06-26-08 12:24 AM
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    Shoot it point blank with a 12 gauge!

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    06-26-08 12:28 AM