1. TBW's Avatar
    Okay, I know this is all out there in the forums, but I don't know how to phrase what I'm looking for so if you know where this is, let a brotha know.

    1. What version of the desktop softward should I get for the 7130e, or does it matter?

    2. I got this off ebay and there's a password on it and stuff, I can get into everything, but don't I need to do a wipe or something? What exactly does that entail, I hear a lot about it, but not a lot about what it will do. I'm not even hooked up into Sprint yet so I'm not worried about losing contacts, themes, etc.

    3. I don't have desktop software on my computer, but when I plug it, it installed the BB device driver, and it's there on the USB devices, but it doesn't come up under My Computer, I guess because it doesn't have removable memory technically? Is that correct? It does have the lightning bolt for charging and my computer will ding it you unplug/ plug it in.

    If you can put me on the right track, I'd be grateful, I've already look at the stickys and stuff and I'm little confused and I don't want to reset it or something and lock myself out.

    Thanks, crack-on!
    04-08-08 12:40 PM
  2. CappinHoff's Avatar
    Get DTM v4.3 if you run vista. Get DTM v 4.2sp2 if you run XP. As for the password just enter it in incorrectly ten times and it will wipe the device.

    Hope this helps
    04-08-08 06:58 PM
  3. TBW's Avatar
    That does help a lot, thanks.

    Now, if I wipe it, does that take out all contacts, settings, previous email settings, programs, etc.? The phone was not wiped before I got it and there's some residual stuff that I think may be hampering my full use of the email and stuff.
    04-11-08 11:28 AM
  4. CappinHoff's Avatar
    Yep it will, but if for some reason there is still stuff on there download and reinstall hand held software. That should take anything thats left away.
    04-12-08 12:02 PM
  5. Crawls03's Avatar
    I have a blackberry 7130e and I just downloaded some ringtones off this website. I also installed my blackberry desktop manager software. How do I transfer the ringtones to my phone.
    04-17-08 02:02 AM