1. billjf549's Avatar
    I bought an unlocked 7100t on ebay about a week ago. The problem I am having is that it rarely connects to the network (I have att/cingluar) I know that there is a network available because I can put my sim card into another phone and have full bars. If I leave the blackberry on for a while it does connect the the network but when I start to use it to make a call or to check my mail it loses the network connection. Is this a software issue, a network issue or a phone issue and is there something I can do about it.

    Its getting frustrating and I would appreciate any help I can get.

    01-07-08 12:03 AM
  2. Falcon#CB's Avatar
    I have a 7100G and have the same connectivity problem. Gets a signal then when I place a call, it's gone.

    It went haywire on a trip to North Carolina. Customer Serv at At&t was no help. My sim card works in my wifes phone.
    01-07-08 08:02 AM