1. sixleggedbandit's Avatar

    I have a tmobile 7105t blackberry but no longer have tmobile service. I currently have cingular. Is there a way to use my tmobile blackberry 7105t with my cingular service?
    11-14-07 11:25 AM
  2. epiguards's Avatar
    You would have to unlock your T-Mo phone for usage on the AT&T / Cingular carrier. They say that if you left in good terms, T-MO reps may give you the unlock code. There are services on the internet which charge to unlock your phone so that you can put your AT&T sim card into your phone. I would first go up to "search Forums" and do a search I am certain you will find plenty of help on here. Try that before you pay for anything. Good Luck
    11-14-07 11:41 AM
  3. dmxcm13's Avatar
    I just had this dilema, I didn't attempt to call T-Mobile, as I still owe them money so I didn't think they'd give me anything but a big fu, anyway, I paid about $20 to get my unlocking software from cellularlocksmith.com It took bout 30 mins for them to send me my software via email but I got it and it was simple after that. All you need to use to software is your blackberry software that came with the phone for your PC and the usb cable that connects the blackberry to the computer. Then you just run the program, select blackberry on the software and it generates the unlock code for you. I did however have to close out the blackberry manager before it would recognize the phone, after i did that it worked great. Simple and easy, well worth the $21, now I just gotta obtain a data plan from AT&T. Hope this helps
    11-15-07 08:19 PM
  4. John Clark's Avatar
    Plus, if you are no longer a TMo customer they likely won't unlock it for you anyway. You have to be a current customer. Also, I've been told that some of the devices are too old and no longer in their database.
    11-15-07 08:27 PM