1. stuffdone's Avatar
    I got a new 7100i on eBay and it seems to work fine. I did some of the suggested upgrades to run on Boost but have a few gotcha's and hope someone can inform me.

    1) There is in the browse config the option to use Wi-Fi but I don't know if it actually works or not because I can't see any difference either way. ( I have WiFi at home ) Is there supposed to be some indicator to show it is active when on the web?

    2) I have had no luck getting weather installed. I have downloaded several apps that are supposed to be compatible but each time I try to upload via the Desktop Manager but I keep getting fatal errors and an "unspecified" error. I have tried three different versions of the DM software.

    3) Same error trying to install a mail client that claims to work with the 7100i.

    4) How to upload my own ring tones? Can't seem to find out a method.

    5) Opera Mini installed fine but I get errors trying to install apps via the web saying something about "No browser config service book entry"

    6) Default browser is installed according to the applications but there are no icons to access it??

    03-21-10 02:57 PM