1. goofyboy69's Avatar
    Hello all,

    just joined. is there anyone that has a knowledge if we can listen to sirius on the bb 7100i? can get the page, sign in, but no music channels pop-up after sign in? please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
    07-01-08 06:31 AM
  2. Smooth69Style's Avatar
    I also have a 7100i, and from what I understand, our model is not compatible. I thought it would be great, but no, it doesn't work at all. I hate that...
    07-10-08 04:15 PM
  3. Mamaluka's Avatar
    Have you guys tried the trick that works with the curves? You download Orb and U-Sirius on your home PC and use that PC as a server. Then log into your Orb account with the BB and you can use the BB media player to listen. I don't know if those 7100's have the Roxio media or the like installed. Check it out. Google "orb sirius blackberry"

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    08-03-08 08:51 PM