1. eager2own's Avatar
    My 7130 has recently developed the nasty habit of pretending the battery is dead. It will shut off after an hour or two and not come on until I plug it in to recharge -- in other words, it acts as if the battery is dead.

    I would immediately assume I have a bad battery. The weird thing is that when I plug it in and turn it on, the BB immediately shows the battery as 1/2 to 3/4 full.

    Any ideas or suggestions before I buy another battery only to find out that's not the problem?

    10-02-08 02:23 PM
  2. dasupaman23's Avatar
    I'm having this problem with my Curve. I just bought a new battery. Going to see if that works.

    I figure if that's not the problem, I'll have a spare battery , at least ;-)

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    10-02-08 02:48 PM
  3. eager2own's Avatar
    Let me know how that works.

    A new battery is not going to break the bank but I hate putting any money into the 7130 since I'm just trying to make it until the release of the Storm
    10-02-08 04:31 PM
  4. dr1445's Avatar
    i just picked up a 7130 that seems to have the same habit. i have only had it a few days, and it did it one time today. of course i am very interested if a new battery will cure the problem.
    10-02-08 09:21 PM
  5. dasupaman23's Avatar
    Just got the new battery today. Not gonna put it in till tonight (before bed). Then I will charge it with the phone off. Will post my results tomorrow.

    Usually my first shut off would happen at around 10AM, so if I can make it to lunch, I'll be stoked.
    10-02-08 11:25 PM
  6. dasupaman23's Avatar
    Well I have gone the whole day without one shut off. I had my Wi-Fi on all day, was using Viigo, listened to a few albums and was BBM and texting all day. Looks like the new battery helped. Hopefully this will help you guys too.

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    10-03-08 09:36 PM
  7. dr1445's Avatar
    great info, thanks. mine has only done it 1 time in 5 days, maybe, just maybe i forgot to lock the keyboard. who knows, it might never come up again. if it gets to annoying i will try the new battery.
    10-03-08 10:34 PM
  8. gargaveli's Avatar
    Thanks for the info dasupaman23, I'm having the same problem so I'll give the new battery a try.
    10-06-08 07:41 AM
  9. eager2own's Avatar
    glad to hear that -- especially since I just got a new battery and will be testing it today
    10-06-08 10:09 AM
  10. eager2own's Avatar
    The new battery did the trick for me -- no problems over the last 24 hours.

    I'll update this if that changes.
    10-07-08 10:15 AM
  11. eager2own's Avatar
    New battery worked flawlessly for the last 48 hours.
    I put in the old battery, and it crashed again within 2 hours. . . so I think I got my answer.
    10-08-08 11:32 AM
  12. dasupaman23's Avatar
    Yeah mine hasn't crashed at all with the new battery. Plus it is finally lasting all day!

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    10-08-08 02:33 PM