1. new7130vuser's Avatar
    Hi, I'm a new user. Had a message which I couldn't delete from the main menu, took battery out and it went. However, on the main menu, Text/Media messages now shows [1 unread], but when I go into text/media messages, it says *no messages* even though it has a 1 & envelope icon at the top of the page. Any ideas? Thanks, this is a great site and you'll no doubt be hearing lots from me!
    05-01-08 09:52 AM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    have you checked all message boxes, all email boxes. maybe a internet browser message?

    Maybe a missed call. if you don;t mind losing info, under message seelct delete prior and it should go away.
    05-01-08 10:00 AM
  3. new7130vuser's Avatar
    thanks for responding yester18. email and internet browser not activated, but have checked email, call logs and text/media messages - where else should I look? Don't want to risk losing a message - and anyway, can't find delete prior?? Sorry, really am struggling to find lots of things!
    05-01-08 10:09 AM
  4. 1edyson's Avatar
    ok, so i've checked all folders by holding down U, and still nada. I'm on 6.xx if that matters at all, I'm mildly going insane on this one. Anyone?
    02-04-11 07:43 PM