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    Hi all. I got ringtones working finally. All has been well, except for, the past few days, when i receive a text message, they will randomly only play for a couple of seconds then stop as if i hit a button. Sometimes they play entirely, and other times they will play for 3-4 seconds and stop without me hitting anything. Any clues as to why this may be happening or how to stop it? My major concern is if it happens to one i set as an alarm and it doesnt wake me up for work! Ive ruled out any possibility of me hitting a button and not realizing it, as it happened today while the phone was just sitting on a desk and i couldnt get to it immediately. Strange stuff.
    03-26-10 05:00 PM
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    Ive been messin around with it some more and found a few more details. It seems to do it LESS when volume is on medium as opposed to high. But it still occurs sometimes. Also it seems to do it less when i have it on vibrate and tone rather then just tone. When i play the ringtone from any menu, like show tunes, or the menu when i select the ringtone, it plays all the way thru just fine.
    03-27-10 07:07 AM