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    how do u transfer ringtones to this phone ive tried, and desktop manager recognizes my device, but when i do the multimedia tab it opens roxio and doesnt show my phone
    07-24-09 08:52 PM
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    I actually have the same problem, except I just installed the driver, not desktop manager and it won't show up in my computer. There is a line in the registry which I know needs to be modified in order to have complete access to it (Ive done it a couple times with other devices), its just going to take a few hours of googling/experimenting...ill post back if i figure it out
    07-24-09 09:22 PM
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    Alright, I have spent quite abit of time researching this, roxio won't show a 7100 since the highest OS a 7100 has is 4.1 and a minimum of 4.2 is needed. Getting it to show as a mass storage device is a no go as well. Downloading is out of the question (for a boost user) since BB browser won't connect, and you need it to download stuff. The only reliable way I found (sorry, lost the link that explains, just google it) is to download the blackberry simulator/emulator add the ringtone to that, then 'back it up' using desktop manager and 'restore it' to the actual phone. Abit of a round-about process, but there is your answer for the time being.

    You need to download the Blackberry JDE (86Mb) and Blackberry simulators (43Mb). And you have to be PC savvy. Your PC needs to be connected to the internet for the MDS to communicate.

    0) Connect BB to computer
    1) Perform a selective backup with Desktop Manager, saving only Content Space from your real Blackberry, then disconnect
    2) Download/Install the Blackberry JDE
    3) Start the MDS Simulator (Part of the Blackberry JDE)
    4) Start the BB Simulator (probably best to choose your specific model)
    5) Simulate a USB connection
    6) Restore the back up from 1) to the simulated BB
    7) Surf to the web site that has your ringtone in the BB Browser on the simulation then save it
    8) Perform a selective backup with Desktop Manager, saving only Content Space from the simulated BB
    9) Disconnect/Close the simulated BB
    10) Connect your real BB
    11) Use Desktop Manager to perform a selected restore of the saved Content Space from 8)
    12) Go to Profiles>Show Tone and find your new content!

    *not allowed to post links*- google what i C/Ped
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    07-25-09 10:19 AM
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    There is a much easier way and i posted it on Boost Central. Look it up by Google. You must register to see the Blackberry on Boost Section. It will explain how to very very easy. In fact you can have custom ring tones using your own mp3. Read it
    07-31-09 01:08 AM