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    Well that was interesting. I guess I fall into the realm of CrackBerry Abuser. I am the phone guy, repairman that is, for a college district, I have certainly put my phone through a lot. Climbing in attics and working in the pouring rain, climbing into underground vaults, banging it, scraping it, and setting it near all kinds of high power and Strong RF generating devices. I can’t count the number of times I have dropped it. It is hard to believe this thing still works at all. After what I would guess to be a year or two of use, my unit would go to the oldest end of the message logs and it would take forever for me to scroll back using that little wheel, to the current time and date. My cure for that was to pull the battery out and then replace it, forcing a reset. Then one day it started taking 20 or 30 minutes to get past the hourglass stage. What a pain that was. Of late I am starting to thing I may have encountered a problem that will force me to retire the poor thing. It now has taken to dialing numbers in the speed dial queue all by itself. Today it dialed a coworker of mine 17 times over a 1.5 hour period. (No it's not a cute girl :-) I would lock the screen and within a few minutes it would start dialing my coworkers’ phone, just like magic. A couple of us stood around and watched this phenomena for a while but the battery was pretty much dead after a couple of hours of this. This could be the end of this thing. But I am asking everywhere and everyone I can for a fix for this. I really need this phone for work. But after seeing my bill for the last month, I am weak in the knees. Can anyone help? What is that JR commander thing I read about in some post? I think I have a very confused little computer phone here that could really use a reset. I have asked about getting mine replace for quite a while, but our college has a lockout on all new cell phone purchases this year, and ahh.... last year.....Hmmm I think it's up to me to get this thing fixed. I am almost afraid to turn it on as it is now though. Help!! And thank you.
    09-12-07 09:20 PM
  2. John Clark's Avatar
    It sounds like your keyboard is going bad. Has it gotten wet? The keyboard is not serviceable in that device either. I suggest going into the phone page and going to options >general options. Then go to the bottom of the menu there and disable "dial from home screen." That should prevent the device from dialing from the home screen accidentally.

    Tip: Once dial from home screen is disabled then you can do the following: To go to the top of your message list hit "T" To go to the bottom of your message list hit "B"
    09-12-07 11:19 PM