1. Turtle311's Avatar
    Ok... I am a new BB user so these questions may be dumb but I have 2 issues.

    First, whenever I lock my key pad and then turn it back on my suretype is disabled so that I have to go and manually turn it back on. Anyway to stop this from happening?

    Second, is there a way to set the messages so the missed calls are not counted as messages. Currently when I miss a call my counter on my home screen tells me I have a missed call and message even when the caller does not leave a voice mail. So I have to go into the messages and manually open the “missed call” message. I don’t understant why it is counting missed calls as messages!?!?!

    I hope there is someone out ther that can help me please!
    07-21-08 04:07 PM
  2. Turtle311's Avatar
    I figured out my second issue! In the call log options menu is where you find the settings to not count missed calls as messages. I was looking in the messages menu.
    07-23-08 09:04 AM
  3. ChudleyOne's Avatar
    I believe the AutoText option setting is through Options -> SMS Text -> Disable AutoText. Mine is set to No & is on all the time.

    Good luck!

    08-12-08 02:35 PM