1. ohad_129's Avatar
    today i discuse with orange and they tell me that i open for everything instad of to get mails and send mails but i can download and everything i ask them why i still see the sign data connection refused still on and they tell me that maybe my device config its not well please help me with those configuration
    my device is 7105t
    03-11-07 06:39 AM
  2. tmag2005's Avatar
    Have you got a Data Plan for your BlackBerry? Does your Network support in in Israel?
    03-25-07 02:45 PM
  3. MMB916's Avatar
    If you do have a data plan and all is fine with your service in Israel...try to resend the service books.
    03-25-07 04:41 PM
  4. kasperapd's Avatar
    Data connection refused generally indicates you do not have a data plan on your account, or at least not a BB data plan.
    03-25-07 05:45 PM
  5. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...on some carriers, when you FIRST get your data plan, it can take up to 24 hours to be 'active' on the device. So, when did you actually sign up for it? Another thing, pull the battery out, and put it back in, see what gives with that...
    03-25-07 06:52 PM
  6. tmag2005's Avatar
    I just realised that poster was from like 10 days ago, so hopefully they will come back.....
    03-26-07 03:31 AM
  7. MMB916's Avatar
    AH! True tmag - I agree with you - I hope he does return. Of course there are NOW, I KNOW...can't believe it myself....these people who aren't glued to their technology - personally...I can't relate - obviously).
    So here's to hoping he will return and we can learn about BB plans in Israel - the more knowledge and the more places....the better!!
    03-26-07 03:38 AM
  8. ohad_129's Avatar
    no in israel there is no data plan becouse there is no bis in israel but i can and i have wap +i can send trought the device and answer to blackberry forums ,ebay atc
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    03-27-07 02:27 AM
  9. tmag2005's Avatar
    Welcome back - I think you would be a first.
    To be able to have wap and browse without a data plan? Fancy posting how you managed this? I would be very interested to know.
    03-27-07 02:53 AM
  10. kasperapd's Avatar
    Yeah, if you figured out how to get data on a BB without having a BB data plan we'd all love to hear about it.
    03-27-07 10:34 AM