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    My client has a 7100I BlackBerry and it is connected to a BES 4.1 and the phone ver is I followed Blackberrys guide to apply the DST patch to the phones and now one phone is reporting to have the clock set 1 hour ahead and the calendar appointments to be 1 hour behind. Im new to admining Blackberrys. What is my next step to resolve this?

    Thank you

    04-07-08 03:03 PM
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    just for grins - did they also apply those wonderfull DST patchs on the local side?

    is the unit and the BEs in the same timezone? is the BES set to push its time to the unit?

    I once noticed an hour offset on one of mine after a trip to the repair depot. the unit came back with the current software but not the DST patch. go figure

    I've also noticed an hour offset at times when the unit's time source is set to Blackberry instead of network
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    04-08-08 07:28 AM