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    Here is what my phone(7130e) is doing... When I plug it into the wall the LED flashes red then the screen flashes like it wants to turn on then it goes black and the led starts flashing again. There is a red stripe on my battery and I have ordered a new one in hopes that this is the issue. However, if someone knows that this isnt the issue and can help a new guy fix his phone I would be forever in your debt. Thanks.
    (The phone was working perfectly earlier in the day and I noticed the battery was getting low, next time I checked it it was off so I assumed the batt died so I plugged it into the wall and noticed this behavior. When I plug it in the wall and remove the battery the led screen lights up with a pic of the battery with a line in it. But as soon as I put the batt back in it starts with the issue listed above. I plugged it into my computer to try to see if that would help and my computer recognizes it as a blackberry device.)
    02-10-09 11:38 AM