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    I just got a 7105t Blackberry because the phone I have previosly been using stop working and there are 4 months left on my t-mobile contract (until I qualify for a free phone). So I am now the proud (more specifically frustrated) owner of my very own (and first) Blackberry.

    That being said, I am (almost) completely lost. Normally being pretty "technologically-savvy," this makes me very frustrated. Here are my questions so far:

    1. I have a Motorolla Bluetooth headset and I activated Bluetooth on the BB, however, the phone is not finding the headset device. What am I doing wrong?

    2. (THIS IS A BIG ONE) When transferring my contacts (which were carefully organized) from my old phone onto my SIM card, I lost the "home/ work/ cell" designation for the numbers. I also lost the "first/ last name" structure because the SIM card only take in the first name. So, now I have a bunch of contacts in my address book with the same name and no last name. When I transferred my address book from my SIM card onto the BB, the phone read all the numbers as "work," so now in order for me to figure out which phone I am calling I have to open and view each number [for example: One of the entries in my phone is for an "ED." It used to be that I had designations for his home, work, and cell all under one entry. Now, however, I have "ED" listed three times and each of them is marked as a work entry, so I have to click on the name open and view the entry to figure out which place I'll be calling.

    Is there a way to edit the contacts/ address book on my computer and sync it with the BB?

    NOTE: I am not subscribed to any package with T-Mobile which allows me to check the internet/ or email.

    06-10-08 02:35 PM