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    Hi All,

    My boyfriend just bought a used 7105t. I spent 30 minutes manually deleting all the contacts the previous owner had in the address book. I have also spent 2 days trying to figure all the ins and outs of the phone. There are so many personalized apps from the previous owner on this phone, in addition there is an icon for a personal email address on the main menu that I cannot delete.

    My question, is there any way to reset the factory settings on this phone?

    It is a t-mobile phone which is the same carrier he currently has. I just really want to get all of the personal settings from the previous owner off so he can use it. Also get all of his pictures from my pc back onto his phone.

    Can these pictures be transfered from my pc to his phone?

    I plugged my usb cable from his phone to my pc and was able to download whatever software was needed for my pc to recognize the phone, yet I was not able to transfer the pictures.

    His phone does not have a camera, yet he does pay for picture mail.

    I would truly appreciate any help to fix this phone. please?????

    Thank you in advance.
    08-10-08 10:46 PM
  2. ChudleyOne's Avatar
    In my 5 days of reading through the Crackberry forums, I recommend you use the "How to reload the OS on a Nuked Balckberry" located in the "How To" section of the forums. It's lecture 12 in the Lecture 101 post on page 2.

    Even though your BB isn't stuck, the rest of the tutorial should get you through the steps of wiping it to have a fresh start.

    Good luck!

    08-12-08 02:16 PM