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    ok i have 33278517 BYTES left on my BB device which equals = 31.73 MEGABYTES.

    now when i try to UPLOAD a file from my computer to the MEDIA manger and drop it off in the "ringtones" section it tells me that the "there is not enough disk space left" but the media file only is about 4.2 MB. i don't get WTF i can't transfer my files to the ringtones??? i did it 1nce and i had LESS space back then. i don't get why i can't do it now. ohh when i ready to drop the file into the ringtones i select the "convert the files blah blah blah" please help me out here

    02-08-08 01:36 AM
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    The BB device restricts you from adding any file larger than 2mb to the device memory (I think). You should get a micro sd card to put large files onto.
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    02-08-08 01:54 AM