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    Hey everyone well have noticed people that have problems with missing features and icons on the 7100i, I went through this problem several times the first 2 weeks I had my phone. The main cause for this problems is when you switchto blackberry and you have to have the BIS for the data plan the carriers often do not enter it right. So when you do not have the data plan the BLackberry is designed not to show the features to avoid a false sense in thinking that you have the services. So if you have this problem get ahold of your carrier and then if you can't figure it out someone on this forum is bound to be able to help. Just figured I would post to possibly be able to help someone out.

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    03-16-08 01:17 PM
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    Also if your missing a feature, let's say your email icon. You can get the icon back without having your carrier doing it. For a BIS just go to your webclient and resend your service books. Its not that the carrier didn't do it right. There are many factors that could prevent services from popping up. There could be a provisioning delay which could halt email and txt message resets from happening right away. Network outages play a big part in this to. There also is no conspiracy to hide features. Many times the user is at fault for missing icons. If an icon is missing hold the alt key while clicking the track wheel. A menu should popup that says move application'hide application or show all. Pick the show all and you'd be surprised what you find that you were missing.

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    03-27-08 02:59 AM