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    hello all, i copied and paste this from blackberry forum and it works, just a bit of work getting all the programs. I couldn't find the 1st step jde 4.2.1, but finally found it here C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.2.1\simulator in a vista computer. it worked for me 100%, 1st time doing it takes a bit of time, but it works. carefully follow instructions

    1. Download and Install
    a) Blackberry Desktop Manager (latest version
    b) Blackberry JDE Component Package 4.2.1
    c) Blackberry JDE 4.2.1

    2. Open JDWP under Blackberry JDE 4.2.1

    3. Where it says Device change that to 7130e or your specific model, if your cellphone model does not appear there then try downloading Blackberry JDE 4.1 which has some of the older version models. ( I just clicked bat file in C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.2.1\simulator)
    4. After selecting your cellphone model, click where it says launch simulator

    5. Open your Blackberry Desktop Manager, and on your simulator click on simulate then USB cable connected. you will see that your desktop manager is linking to you blackberry simulator

    6. On your desktop manager, double click on media manager and windows should pop out. This window allows you to transfer any mp3 ringtones from your computer to your device.
    NOTE: you can only transfer files no greater than 250 Kb.

    7. After transfering all your ringtones, close the media manager and then double click on BACKUP AND RESTORE. After backup and restore is open, click where it says advanced. a second window should pop up and you are gonna look CONTENT STORE under your device database (right hand side), and you are going to move that file to your left. Then, close that windows and save it.

    8. Uncheck USB CABLE CONNECTED in your device simulator.

    9. Connect your cellphone thru USB and wait until desktop manager links with it.

    10. Once it is linked go double click on BACK UP AND RESTORE again and then click on restore, you will look for the file that you just have saved. it should be under my documents folder or under your default folder.

    11. Then click OK and KABON BOON you have mp3 ringtones in your device.

    It sounds that there are lot of steps but in reality is not.

    This method is for the people who do not have internet in there cellphone and cannot go online with their device to download mp3 ringtones.

    In my own personal opinion it is better than going online and looking for the file you want and download it. Beside that with this method you do not have to worried about how to upload your mp3 ringtones or what website should i used to upload mp3 ringtones.
    05-02-09 11:24 AM