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    Please someone help me: I've just recently began running into issues where when i sync my 7100i with Outlook 2003 via Desktop Mngr 4.5 some of my contacts that have a radio number in Outlook does not transfer over to my 7100i! This was never an issue before, in fact this only started within the last 2 weeks.

    What i've had to resort to do to solve is simply force all my Outlook contacts over, meaning any contact i had on my berry assigned with a ringtone was updated thus removing the assigned ringtone. When i check the desktop manager and check Map Fields it is linked so that Radio Numbers syncs over to DC#. When i force sync my outlook contacts into the berry its solves the problem, becuase they come over with all their numbers!

    Would someone please let me know what i can do in order for this to stop!?!? I can't wait for the 8350i to come out, even though begin of Dec. is around the corner... I WANT IT NOW! (That's what she said!, sorry... had to get a Micheal Scott joke in there).

    I'm about to go back to use Desktop Mnger 4.2 and hope that will end this, but if anyone has any type suggestions i am all ears!

    Thanks guys!!!
    10-09-08 03:47 PM
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    Just an update: i've just recently successfully sync'd the DC#'s between my device and Outlook. I'm still concerned and know its just a question of time before it stops working right again... if anyone has any ideas or sugestions please pass them on!!!

    10-10-08 09:27 PM