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    I flashed my blackberry 7130e to cricket service. I made the error of using QPST and it changed the SPC Code. I have tried bit pim, cdma workshop, and every other SPC reader I can think of and still cannot get the SPC code. Does anyone here know how to get the SPC code for a US Cellular Blackberry 7130e? Thanks for your time.
    08-19-08 04:01 AM
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    it sucks when people don't answer you huh!
    06-03-09 01:33 AM
  3. dsieme01's Avatar
    You have to use qxdm.

    Get you spc. You can use unicdma to read phones memory. Save the file open it in hexdump and look for 6 numbers in a row in the asci data.

    use qxdm to write a new prl to the phone.
    That will get you talk and text.
    06-09-09 12:20 PM
  4. beezlewaxin's Avatar
    Sometimes, your SPC gets corrupted, and instead of being 6 digits, it's 6 bytes, maybe digits, but maybe unprintable characters you can't simply type in.

    For example, 000000 is represented in a hex editor, on the hex-side, as:


    Maybe you scan memory, and get your SPC, and it's represented in a hex editor, on the hex-side, as:


    How the heck can you send SPC when it's (null)(null)0000. Not exactly easy to type in the (null) character, now is it?

    The solution is easy, but you need to use a tool that will let you send 303030303030 instead of 000000. Cause then you can send SPC of 000030303030, which will unlock SPC. Then use typical methods for writing SPC to 000000, and problem is fixed.

    I use QMAT to send SPC using raw hex bytes. The command-prefix is '41', following by SPC, in hexascii form:

    41303030303030 will send SPC "000000"

    41000030303030 will send our currupted SPC "(null)(null)0000"

    You can also use CDMA Workshop, terminal tab, to send raw HEX bytes to the phone. I think you'll see "41 01" in results section, if you're successful at unlocking using SPC. Then just change SPC to 000000... using CDMA Workshop, or QMAT, or QXDM, or whatever program you wish..

    Then, don't use QPST again on blackberries, if it's what caused the problem in the first place...
    06-27-09 03:41 PM
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    To this day I still can't imagine why anyone would ever go to cricket for there phone service?? And secondly why in the world would you waste and ruin a Blackberry like that?? First off if your phone is "Red flagged", that could mean a few things..1. You "found" it, 2. You did the insurance on the phone (claiming it was lost/stolen) then you decided to go and sell the old one. 3. You couldn't come up with enough money to either pay your bill or pay the early termination fee. No matter the case what you can do if you want to sell it to another party or use cricket is call customer service and have them perform an esn swap onto a cheap "throw away" phone so that It will release the phone off your account. Then you can have it flashed to cricket or you can wait after 60 days for the previous provider to release it off your old account. Its happened numerous times where someone will use there 1yr or 2yr upgrade to purchase a phone, then the customer can't pay there bill. The provider has the right to hold and "red flag" the esn for up to 60 days because the customer never really paid the full amount for the phone nor complied with the contact and agreements. Well back to the beginning, don't waste your money on cricket! There service is fairly cheap but again they have no available data plan and there fees are crazy! If you want a decent no contract company use Boost. You can still use the web, talk and text and you don't have to ruin a Blackberry! My advice go onto craigslist and swap your curve with a 8350i and go get yourself boost. If you need more info on the process or if you have any other questions just PM or PIN me. Good luck!
    07-29-09 06:10 AM
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    to JBerG: I don't know about your area, but in phoenix cricket isn't bad at all, they have full 3G, and there service coverage is pretty good considering how spread out phoenix is.

    I wouldn't use a blackberry on cricket just because of no BIS service, but their plans for a normal smart phone are very cheap, and you can even get an add-on for coverage in all cricket cities.

    Cricket is great if you only go to major cities, or don't travel a lot.

    In fact I plan on getting their unlimited data plan and a usb dongle for my CarPC as soon as its finished.
    07-30-09 10:21 PM