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    so, a few months ago my friend had sold me his blackberry 7100t for t-mobile. i had it for several months, and it was really durable, so i was satisfied with it. since i'm terrible at dropping things. well, while i was at work, it fell out of my back pocket and in to the toilet. the screen worked for a few minutes, then started going white. then my friend hit it against something and it went completely blank. i was pretty bummed, so i just bought a new phone. one of the pre-paid ones.

    recently, the phone i'm using now has been acting up and not sending my messages and sometimes not letting my calls go through. i got super aggravated with it and decided to try out my blackberry. surprisingly, the screen is working, now. however, it won't charge. i plugged it up to the computer, and made sure the software was installed and everything. at first the battery was nearly dead, and the battery level on the screen was showing red. it said it was charging [the lightening bolt was next to the battery and everything], so i just let it sit. then i gave up and just shut it off. when i turned it back on the battery level showed blue with just a little bit of charge. the lightening bolt is still there. so i turned it off. and you know how its supposed to flash green when its charging and turned off? well, its flashing almost a yellow/green. like the light may be messed up or something.
    so, i'm probably just going to let it sit over night and see what happens. but if ANYONE can tell me ANYTHING, i'd appreciate it so much. i'm just really curious as to what the problem might be. i mean, it'd more than likely be water damage. but, everything else is working perfectly. SIM card...service...screen...everything. so, yeah. if you know anything, go ahead and get ahold of me.
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    11-29-08 02:37 AM