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    I am unable to compose email on my blackberry for work. It's strange because I can reply to emails just fine from someone else, but it always shows an error message if I'm the one to start the email chain.

    Any help here is appreciated.

    If nothing else, the storm is coming out soon and I'll be getting one of those.

    In the meantime, my job is somewhat important, so email help is much appreciated.
    (note, if you see i have a curve in my profile, that's my personal line)
    11-11-08 07:42 PM
  2. danieljm94's Avatar
    it's been close to a week and no responses? a little disappointed guys. i realize this is a much older model, but i was hoping someone had some golden nuggets of info laying around from years past.

    i can read, reply, and forward email messages, compose and reply to text messages, but cannot compose a new email message from my 7130e. This is beyond frustrating.
    11-17-08 03:38 PM