1. marnigee's Avatar
    Is there a way to synch Blackberry calendar entries (NOT address book entries) to Outlook WITH categories? There don't seem to be any categories in Blackberry calendar items. Or is there a way to link a specific field within a Blackberry calendar event in field mapping with a category in Outlook?

    Also, are there ways to set preferences in Blackberry calendars? Can you tell it to make the default for each new calendar event start out with a notes field that says: "important"?

    Any help would be much appreciated--thanks!

    Marni Goltsman
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    01-14-08 10:54 AM
  2. Galilei's Avatar
    I've also searched around and not found any information on this... and it would really be useful to be able to sort out appointments by category. It doesn't seem like it's possible with the BB software, but is there a trick I don't know??? Any third party software available to accomplish it??? Anything? Bueller?

    04-03-08 07:49 PM
  3. skip7100's Avatar
    you might want to check out
    Pocketday, handago or Wirelessirc.sourceforge.net

    I've been looking, trying various 3rd party programs to do the same, but nothing exciting yet. Did find one that I liked on handago but I wasn't paying $89 for it.
    04-08-08 06:56 AM
  4. fultonian's Avatar
    Has anyone figured out if this will solve (or bandaid) the BB calendar categories issue? {www.bbproductivity}

    Any other solutions?

    05-26-08 04:12 PM