1. cowgirljeannie's Avatar
    I was backing up my blackberry 7250 and it stopped working and now my blackberry wont turn back on! The red light at the top is flashing but no power, I called verizon and I have taken the battery out....help!
    02-22-08 08:51 PM
  2. jcj1's Avatar
    try reloading software with the battery out. it won't show connected but will connect to application loader. put battery in after hitting finish or on connection screen if can't get usb pin for coonection type
    02-22-08 10:02 PM
  3. spellino's Avatar
    i was uploading applications to my bb 7250 when it froze and i took the usb out, now all i get is a screen asking me to reset which comes back again so i can't access my phone
    06-21-09 08:05 AM
  4. Heresy's Avatar
    You need to wipe the device with jl_cmdr and install the OS again. Be patient as this takes time to do.
    06-21-09 10:05 AM