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    I just received my new blackberry 7130c, and I'm a newbie with blackberries.I have an ATT sim card and when I turned it on, things seemed OK except the network coverage that says 'network:*none* '. I noticed that turning on the wireless "Turn wireless On", enabled it to connect to my ATT network. However, and this is my biggest concern, by turning the wireless on, am I using my network coverage(ATT regular network coverage) or is this connecting online to an internet connection? I do not have a internet/data plan on my ATT phone plan. I do not want to use this facility and incur a ridiculous bill at the end of the month if this is the case. Is there a way of connecting to my regular ATT network coverage without turning on the wireless device? PLEASE ADVICE.
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    I had a problem with my 7100i for Nextel that I converted to Boost Mobile... I'm on the $50 unlimited plan so I don't really know if putting it back on the AT&T network will just enable you to make calls or will automatically start using data.

    When you try to place a call it should ask you if you want to turn the radio on, the radio being off is why you are not connected to the network.

    If you are concerned about data and have another phone to use for a few days and a few bucks laying around you could always order a AT&T GoPhone sim card off ebay (don't they usually come with at least $5 on it?) pop that sim card in and just let the phone sit for a day pr two, with AT&T's prepay service it sends you a message for every penny you spend... That way you will know if this phone being connected to the network will cost you any data charges. It beats the headache of taking the chance of getting a huge bill.
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