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    I sold a nextel 7100i to a person in North Daklota, she went to get the phone activated at her local Sprint Store and they told her that the phone couldn't be activated, on their network.

    This is somewhat amazing to me since Sprint Bought Nextel, we still use Nextel phones with Direct connect at work, in Savannah, GA.

    I would think that this person would be able to contact CS on the phone, at Blackberry support to enable all of the features of this phone, just as I did.

    This phone was fully functional and in excellent condition. Either I'm getting jerked around or this person is getting lied to by the local CS Rep.

    Anyone ever heard of this?
    03-01-09 01:10 PM
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    Person that bought the phone was lucky enough to get a qualified BB CS rep on the phone. Result the phone is now registered and working.

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    03-01-09 09:02 PM