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    I need help on installing music downloads to my 7750 berry HELP!!!
    03-11-08 02:55 PM
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    03-11-08 03:00 PM
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    I have the same question for an 8830. Your link does NOT work and a search of music does NOT produce any results.
    03-13-08 09:33 AM
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    The site suffered a crash yesterday. Here is a cache of the text thanks to google.

    How do I add media files to my microSD card?
    From BlackBerryFAQ.com

    Before starting please ensure that your device is configured properly by following / checking these settings (once everything checks out, follow the steps listed as Option One or Option Two)

    * Note: Applications may not be loaded to the Media Card. Neither are mail messages able to save to the Media Card.


    * 1 Check Settings:
    * 2 To add media to the microSD card you have two options:
    o 2.1 Option One
    o 2.2 Option Two

    Check Settings:

    1. Go to Settings >> Advanced Options >> Media Card

    2. Check the following settings (if they are not listed this way, then change to reflect the following:

    a) Media Card Support: On

    b] Mass Storage Mode Support: On

    c) Auto Enable Mass Storage: Yes

    3. Save the settings and exit

    To add media to the microSD card you have two options:
    Option One

    1. Make sure desktop manager is not open

    2. Plug the device into the PC using the usb cord

    3. A pop up box will open, select Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer

    4. Minimize this window (click the - in the upper right hand corner)

    5. Open another instance of Windows Explorer

    a) Start Menu >> Windows Explorer

    6. Navigate to the folder where the file(s) you want to transfer are located

    7. Right mouse click on the file(s) and select Copy

    8. Open the minimized window (from step 4 above)

    9. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the file

    10. Right mouse click and select paste

    11. The file is now on the microSD card

    Option Two

    1. Open and start Desktop Manager

    2. Select Media Manager

    3. A dual window box will open with PC files listed on the left hand side, and Device files listed on the right hand side

    4. Select a file to transfer from the PC files (left side) and click the arrow to transfer the file to the Device (right side)

    Retrieved from "http://www.blackberryfaq.com/index.php/How_do_I_add_media_files_to_my_microSD_card%3F"
    03-13-08 01:54 PM
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    a little off topic but i need help setting up the email for a blackberry 7750 on verizon. its not mine i swear lol
    03-13-08 07:28 PM