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    Ok I've added service books before and when my line disconnected it deleted the service books for mms and browser hot spot. I redid the process to add the service books again step by step including deleting the browser. When I restored the service books it loaded just fine. I then went to the application loader to check the browser java and help but they weren't visible. I redid the steps 30 times but browser. I also master radio reset and wipe handheld. It didn't work. How can I get the browser back up so my mms and nol browser will work again. I'm really stuck on this. All servicebooks are present but when I go to advanced it shows application browser push. No browser before the browser push menu. Please help someone.

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    03-30-10 04:58 PM
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    By the way when I try to run google or gmail it say error message " net_rim_bb_browser_lib not found "

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    03-30-10 09:40 PM