1. Shazir's Avatar
    Hi guys, I am newbie here & my first BB is a 7130g (version 4.1.1...) which i bought about 3 months back. Since i wanted to transfer mp3 & pictures, I re-installed the 7130c 4.2.1... version (thanks to the Crack berry site) & presently using without a blackberry connection but using my normal postpaid SIM. I need to access GPRS using BB but is there any way to do so? The browser icon is not visible among other icons but appears only when the ALT+ESC is pressed together. Is there any way to set up the GPRS service provider settings manullay into my BB? Appreciate if you guys can enlighten me on any method to access WAP / GPRS .... Or can this be achieved using any external softwares?

    Thanks in advance, Cheers.
    06-30-08 02:21 AM