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    Hello I just received my first Blackberry the 7130e. I have a couple of questions about the device. First when I send an email from my phone it sends me a copy of what I just sent. I have went to options and selected the hide sent and confirm delivery, is there any way to disable this from happening? Even when I send email from my computer it send a copy of it to my phone. Also was wondering what kind of tricks and other stuff can I do with this phone?
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    Let me guess! U are probably using gmail. If so, login to your webadmin site, choose a filter for the email account. If incoming mail is from xxxxx@gmail.com do not forward. This is common practice with gmail. my email is jcbuddycombs15@gmail.com
    01-19-09 05:56 PM
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    Thank you for the reply I did figure it out, finally. And yes it is with gmail lol

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