1. pospo's Avatar
    Good afternoon,

    I have tried searching but have not found a answer to my problem.
    here goes:

    I have a 7130e on the sprint network running the (CDMA) v4.2.1.110 (Platform OS system. When i make a phone call it gets dropped 10 sec into the call. I just got the phone 4 weeks ago and it worked fine until Sunday, now I have these problems with it. I have not added any software or made any changes. My BB just sits with the 1X (with full signal Bars) on the screen even when I'm in the office where I have had a perfect reception since I got the phone.

    Can anybody give me an idea why I'm haveing this problem.

    06-25-08 12:48 PM
  2. i2sam77@yahoo.com's Avatar
    Have you installed any new apps ?
    06-25-08 01:27 PM
  3. pospo's Avatar
    Nope, I have no changed a thing. Can this problem be related in anyway to a bad battery?
    06-25-08 01:47 PM