1. gsroseberry's Avatar
    The keys on my 7100t randomly started acting up after i upgraded the OS and added a few themes and some random aps. By "Acting up" i mean that when i press a button during texting, adding contacts, etc, it will add a letter from the key to the left. also the back button below the scroll wheel is now randomly the "L" key? I tried deleting apps, performed a "whipe" and also reloaded the OS. any ideas? Also while, the phone is several years old it has only been used for about a month. I got the phone several years ago, but never removed the wrapper from the box. Got in a pinch about a month ago and started using this one. It has never been dropped or abused in any way.
    10-13-08 09:09 PM
  2. journeyforce's Avatar
    If this does not work I would reload the original version of the OS that came on the Blackberry originally.

    It seems that the trouble started with the loading of a new OS.

    10-19-08 06:12 PM